Lawn mower carburetor oil suction principle

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The working principle of the main oil supply device of the carburetor is that when the engine is working, the outside air enters the cylinder after being filtered by the air filter under the suction of the cylinder.

When the air flows through the throat, as the cross section becomes smaller, the flow velocity increases and the pressure drops, forming a certain degree of vacuum.lawn mower carburetor The gasoline floating in the room is sprayed into the air inlet from the main nozzle under the action of the vacuum degree, and the sprayed gasoline is blown into a mist by the high-speed airflow, which is called atomization.

Then, in the form of space evaporation and oil film evaporation, the oil is mixed with the air in the air passages to form a mixture that enters the cylinder. In order to achieve economy, the main oil supply device also adopts an air brake scheme. The main nozzle is placed in the air chamber, and several rows of through holes are opened around the air chamber to communicate with the air chamber.

When the throttle valve opening gradually increases, the air hole gradually communicates with the air, which not only reduces the vacuum degree and makes the mixture thinner, but also the air entering the main nozzle is also conducive to the atomization of gasoline.






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